6 Things I wish I knew at University before Working Life

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

📷Diogo Pacheco PedroFeb 15 When at University we have this idea and vision that by being in an academical and renowned place, all that there is to it is valuable and we should gather as much information as much as possible and learn it all, every dot of academical material, lecture and insight shared by members of the institution.With all due respect to university across the world and individuals who have had a great experience at the university, in my case if it was not to only open doors when my CV was sitting at recruiter’s desk university was just as valuable as the online course I do today.The difference between success and failure at university is down to attitude and taking ownership of what you truly enjoy, not what is said is the trendy study subject today.Below are the small yet important things I wish I knew at university time which would have sped my career learning:

1 — Lectures vary massively in practicality vs covering material

You will lose out on so many topics and faster ways on learning things if you just go by what the material shared by your lecturer, yes they are older and wiser but to be honest the irrelevance on so many things is so clear today that literally going over a YouTube tutorial makes much more sense and is more effective than 2 hours .ppt share via blackboard.

2 — Managing People is a skill

I used to play down so many aspects of professional education at University and things like meeting etiquette, dress code amongst other things that seem trivial for the technology world and knowing how to code will surpass any lack in these social aspects. How wrong was I, even though personally quite outgoing and not shy, I truly underestimated the power of social, interpersonal and true core networking skills and really learning from other people in your area and profession.Tip: Great podcast episode on “The Art of Manliness” — here

3 — Cut the waster topics and BS People

I wasted so many hours in the first year of university doing the things which were important to other people and not what I really wanted to do. If I can give any advice on this would be, focus on your areas of interest and start today finding people to follow and learn to what is like to really know about that portion of an area or the entire area.Being that Books, Posts or Podcasts, dive in and see for yourself what are the in & outs of something and make this free time worthwhile for your learning. I feel today at times to be catching on things that really were so present and available at uni but I eventually never got to it due focusing on someone else’s agenda.Surround yourself with who contributes and cut the pig backers OUT!!

4 — Technology focus: Practice, Practice & Practice

At least in the computer science world, the practice and really knowing your craft is so important, do take the time to really practice and master things like Coding basics, Solve JavaScript problems, go further on that assignment and solve something extra etc…These will become habits which will lead you to always have this desire to learn and know more about a subject and eventually progress and continue on this learning path on staying above the line and always be learning for the sake of yourself and all around you. BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The book is “The Oz Principle” give it try here on Amazon, I loved this book and it is so accurate on what happens in organisations and how the culture, performance and motivation all around can really be changed by following their core point in the book.

“Staying Above the line is relating to maintaining your behaviour always in a positive manner and ensure that you don’t fall into this victimisation zone which will only slow you down and allow to focus on negative and never truly owning the job, focus or goal you may have.”
The book is “The Oz Principle” give it try here on Amazon.

I loved it and it is a constant reminder whenever I see myself falling into that trap again.

5 — Be true to yourself

it was and massively still is such a trend to study technology and be a Software Developer, Engineer or purely just work in technology. However, is this really what you love? I had so so so many people trying to copy course works, Code and just basically going their entire university journey chasing the best answer to their due assignment from whoever would not seem like plagiarism or copying. It was so sad to see people not being true to themselves and doing technology as the trendy thing and hoping for some miracle when time to get a job comes. In fact, to this day 70% of people I share my the university years with are not in the field they studied. So be true to yourself and if you re truly excited, proud to get that technology-related assignment done, this means you are in the right path.

6 — University might not be for you or the best option

I have a 3 years old daughter and my son will be born in March/April 2019 and often I think the about this and how it will be very normal for me to hear from my kids saying, “Dad, I will not be going to University”.I will not judge them at all, as from experience the university years can be an important part of you finding yourself and gaining independence but on the other hand with so many options and source of information which i used then and are much stronger today, they will be able to have their own success without a piece of paper but rather with Knowledge and know how from experience.I hope you enjoyed this post and I meant to start blogging for years so finally doing it. It will be blabs and crazy sit and write session at 3 am like today but should be fun as I have so much to say!!Thanks and reach out on Social media below and let me know your thoughts on this or any other subject. Really anything :) !!

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