CRM Administrator and why we all should have one

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

In this Post I will show you how:

What an Administrator Job InvolvesThe Impact of Administrator to a CRM Platform within an OrganisationWhat are the related Careers that Exist prior to being an Administrator

In this series I am attempting to showcase the many jobs and opportunities I see in the world of CRM and how you can also get in the game, coming from whatever background you have.

Okay, so let’s get started, Being in Microsoft Dynamics 365 World or Salesforce or HubSpot.

A CRM administrator is becoming more and more of a common theme and a REQUIRED position within organisations, the platforms are more and more point to click which mean to allow non-coders to customise the platform and provide great value to the Companies with few steps.

Few Resources in the video description on some amazing Trailhead Admin community for Salesforce as an example.

You can literally create a dedicated Sales, Marketing application for a dedicated team on your own as Administrator without writing a single line of code.

Now Jobs, what are the jobs which exist when getting started, today we will cover Administrator in particular, in most scenarios the Administrator acts as of the below point of contact, you know the IT Person or the Support Person etc.

Administrator often becomes unofficial:

Data Person who know things a Department manager needs and has not been able to pull for weeksHow long Processes takeWhat info do currently have on CustomersHas the VIP enquiry reached the right person and have they done anything about it?Super User and Process Trainer within the organisationData Evangelist and correcting data collection touch points

We are in an age where the data consumption at the business level is key and a must have. However, the process of making that data useful or being productive AT ALL for the business is often missed or not set as a priority until it is too late.

The administrator has the ability to analyse and have first-hand visibility on all the areas different departments need and complete that Customer 360 view on each customer.

As Administrator, your familiarity with the CRM Platform in place proves to be the key aspect of your knowledge and of great value to the business, the solutions Administrator create in the Platform allows the business or department to understand their efforts are well as their investments ROI and what is working and not working.

This engagement between administrator and Business stakeholders will vary on the savviness with data and how mature is the business so this could start with Admins delivering:

  • Dashboard

  • Excel Report exported from CRM platform

  • An Individual view in CRM to allow the Support Manager to see average times on calls live rather than at the end of each week

  • In more mature organisations the admin solution could be in the form of:

  • Full Blown Dashboard showing Marketing → Sales → Support Data Between Countries, Business Units or Departments

  • Saving Costs on Day to Day Field Service Operations (House Maintenance, Car Side Road Repair )

  • Integrating the On-site Ticketing Solution to Surveys back to Head Office

In Summary

Ok, now we know:

  • CRM Admins are key and provide great value

  • Can Save Organisations Costs

  • Provide Massive amount of Customer Insights and Exponentially increase Satisfactions

  • Be a key Driver within the Organisation

  • Being an Admin is just the beginning of your CRM, Data and Software expert into becoming a great asset to any corporation and be right on the path for your digital career.



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