Dynamics 365 Learning Via Books

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

How else can we learn Dynamics 365 in more Traditional ways. Well, we have a few options and of course some would say that just getting work and doing on daily basis is the best way, I can certainly vouch for that. However, I have found that books have been another fun way I found to learn such a technical skill like Developing CRM Platforms. One of my current Favourites Books in my kindle is the below Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: An advanced guide to developing and customizing CRM solutions to improve your business applications

The Reason for recommending this book is the accurate insight on what types os scenarios we face from Customer on Daily basis and not just sticking to traditional solution layout and what features and development tools it has to offer as potential. It rather focuses on the realistic methods to understand the customer requirements yet being fully aware on what the platform has to offering in a technological perspective. Definitely Worth a read!

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