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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Given the scenarios, we are often asked by customers (Leads) on how to import it is to quickly to get their Event, Promotional Sales Stands leads into Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. it would be best to have a mobile device such as tablets at an event to allow to capture the Leads directly into your CRM system directly.However, we also know how the budget could be a constraint, especially if we have multiple teams across the globe collecting leads in person at events that would mean multiple devices and costs. Well, I will try to help by showing a fast and easy way using Google Sheets, Microsoft Flow to get all leads into your CRM system (Salesforce in this case) dynamically and accurately.Let's get started The first step would have to head to Flow's Website and log in, if you have ever used IFTTT then Microsoft Flow will feel very familiar to you. When in Flow you will have at your disposal their entire library of ready flows for you to configure and use, the idea here is for the setup to be accessible to everyone coders and non-coders.So here we go and find a flow we could use.By using the search field you can literally put any service, function or feature you would like to achieve. In our case, I searched for "Salesforce Leads".

You will then be able to see a flow called "Create Salesforce Leads from a Google Sheet", think of it as a recipe ready for you to utilize and literally just throw in the ingredients for your "automation Soup" :)

Linking Services for Automation

Click to open this Flow so we can get started, on the first page you will be asked to link the 2 services you are going to use for this Flow automation. (Below)As you can see I have linked my Gmail & Salesforce Org accounts. Quick tip: The Salesforce linking will ask you to select an API which in my experience at the time of writing this V40 was the best one.

Setting up your Flow

The flow already has stages you will need to achieve any setup scenario (Incredibly helpful for beginners), by clicking on each one you will be able to see the steps

Step One - Recurrence Ask yourself - How often do you want his Flow to run? - That is all.

Step Two - GET ROWSGoogle Sheet setup under the "GET ROWS" Component here, this is basically asking for the source of your leads, have a sheet with your basic MUST HAVE Leads fields as Columns and each row will represent the entire Leads details you will need when creating in Salesforce.Below is my previously created sheet as an example:

Creating in Leads Salesforce

Now let's ensure we are mapping the fields from your Google Sheet so Flow knows what to copy from where to where.Easily seen here is that I used Salesforce Leads entity on "Salesforce Object Type" field but we can see the power by choosing other entities as well depending on your scenario.The next step for me seems an optional one, which deletes the records from Google sheet post successful lead creation in Salesforce. It really depends on your scenario but I would maybe delete this of use the update option to in new column in your excel insert a "Success" or "In Salesforce" value so you can for certain know what records are copied without having to check in Salesforce.Now Save your Flow - 2 options:

That is really it in terms of successfully creating leads in Salesforce.   Save your flow and it will run.NOW as Steve Jobs used to say "One more thing" in much smaller scale in my case.The Business use, How can this benefit me?Marketing/Leads Teams can collective on a Shared Google Sheets and by adding leads simultaneously be certain it will be added to Salesforce or Dynamics 365 for that matter where the automation in your CRM can start and whatever process currently in place. Below are my leads from this Example.

Sales Team Action on the LeadsMicrosoft Flow has this amazing feature which allows you to send native IOS and Android push notifications via their FREE App. Download here IOS version. In this scenario, I have added a new Action for Mobile Notification and pulled the same Company Name to be pushed to my mobile at the time of creation. Totally customizable this Action allows you to determine and show what is important to your Client's Sales teams, as you can see below I pulled the Company name only but I would be able to gather any details originally entered in the Google Sheet dynamically. Informing Sales teams and recording record in Salesforce Leads Object.

Example of Action for Mobile Notification

Example Mobile Notifications below

That is it, people, I better get back to developing some actual CRM projects.Hope you find this useful and don't forget to follow and send me any questions on channels below. First posted on : https://crmtherightway.blog/crm-what-is-that/flow-your-event-leads/

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