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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

First of all, thank you for checking out my blog. I this section of the website you can expect all sorts of content related to of course “CRM Development” as my title suggests but also on Digital Marketing, Affiliated Program journey I am starting on 2019 and learning how to make extra passive income by sharing literally what I already know.This subject as many others is that sort of topic we see and don’t believe at first but always wonders if indeed these guys on Youtube, Instagram and endless Social Media channels are really and truly making any money at all from their efforts. (Topic for another Post)

It is a consistence game and with many intricate twists and turns leading to potential success.

That is what I have been thinking for a long time, even though my technical education in Computer Science would lead you to believe these things would be easy and already in my radar, it is totally not true. What I have come to understand and learn from an endless number of hours watching YouTube videos from various channels is that, it is a consistency game and with many intricate twists and turns leading to potential success.

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CRM Development — What is CRM?

Well, CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” which was mainly a few years ago, support and informing your customer you have a new product for sales or purely an update to their existing product owned from your line of products.This has game long changed and today we have a much more crowded space with massive digital presence and engagement across the globe, this can be the downfall or success for a business, CRM platforms play a crucial part on this process empowering businesses to respond and be present in this space with relevance and speed.Essentially, if we start analyzing the smaller CRM platform without a larger ecosystem, these have as their main function to house/maintain customer information as Account and Contacts. The functionality exponentially increases when dealing with a larger platform which offers the basic functionality but additional Sales, Marketing, Field Service, Web Site Tracking, Social Media listening and most recently AI. Some examples are Salesforce, Dynamics 365 as the bigger players in our space.

Where do Developers, Administrators & Analysis come in?

Well, in few words we need to essentially master the transition art of transforming features into business uses and showcasing customer or businesses that CRM would benefit their current processes and add a layer of efficiency as well as analysis to the overall operations. Ok, let’s talk positions in details:

What could be a CRM Analyst job?

CRM analysts would be a tech-savvy person and not necessarily a computer scientist of the developer, however, technical skills such as Excel and data analysis are key.A must us have a strong understanding on how a particular business and industry operates are a must, the access to CRM platform allows the analysts to highlight potential gaps on data and improve the business intelligence within a corporation by becoming the expert and source of information to management through daily reports.Analysts would work closely to CRM Administrator to ensure system areas are covering business needs in terms of data collection and analysis.

Moving onto CRM Administrators?

Administrators do sit on a more technical expertise front and do have more exposure to configurations and the actual experience users have when utilizing their internal CRM Platform.The administrator may or may not have official certifications on the platforms they are administrating, however, this is less and less common now with Dynamics 365 and Salesforce offering a range of training material and programs to become certified.

Source: Salesforce.com The role of an administrator has evolved in recent years and more and more technical capacity is given to administrator, specially with the evolution CRM platforms to have an actual Ecosystem in place and becoming extremely powerful platforms with touch points in all areas.

Which leads me to CRM Developers

CRM Developers have such a vast positioning in the CRM implementation world these days, the complexity of the platforms has allowed the developer to have dedicated areas of expertise way past the coding functionality with data manipulation and automation in mind.CRM Developers have entire platforms as well integrations with dedicated applications stores and solutions which CRM provides or feeds data from to be correlated with existing CRM Data.The career path for Developer now includes integrations knowledge, Coding in specific languages to platforms (Apex (Salesforce), C# Dynamics 365 and JavaScript for both), given the fact these platforms work directly on the cloud it is extremely active field when it comes to integrations.So yes, do consider getting yourself into the CRM world and it’s career paths. I will be pushing loads of content here and my new YouTube channel and sharing all I learn and can share on daily basis. Exciting times ahead and thanks for reading this far, resources below:https://medium.com/trailhead/huge-demand-for-salesforce-talent-3bb30c597b39https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/homehttps://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/sales/overview/ Follow me on:•Twitter @DiogoPPedro•YouTube /DiogoPPedr•Instagram @diogoppedro #CRMDevelopment #CRM #Carreiras#workingdad #diogoppedro #crm #crmdevelopment #tech #technerd #hustle #dubai #dubailife #dubaientrepreneurs #alwaysgrowing #hustlehard #hustlemode #ilovemyjob #datascience #data #analysis #businessanalysis #trailhead #chatting #chat #sharing #developerlife #coffee #siroccogroup #salesforce #dynamics365 #customerrelationshipmanagement#CRM #Salesforce #Dynamics365 #aprendendo #TreinamentoSalesforce #treinamentoDynamics365 #carreirasTI #TI #Empreendorismo #TrabalheDeCasa #GanheMais #SelfEmployed #meunegocio #mentesmilionarias #empreendedorismo #dinheiroExtra #inovacao #ganhardinheiroonline #motivacao #empreender #sucesso #empreendedorismodigital #empreendedores #empreendedoresbrasil #consultoriamarketing #meusucesso #brasil #brazil #marketingdigitalbrasil

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