Load D365 CRM in Classic

When Signing up (here) for Dynamics 365 Trial Org/Environment version which will last for 30 days it is often that the Unified interface will be the default users interface to be used.

This is so Microsoft can allow Potential Customers to experience the new Interface and the overall functionality to be used if they were to buy. However, the additional use case is when us the Developers are trying or creating a simple and easy Demo.

The Creation of Trial Org/Environment are really key and access to Administrator panel available in Dynamics 365 is very important.

The method is simple, just change the URL from this you will probably have loaded

Default will be the Default Interface below

UCI: https://<your-crmurl>/main.aspx?forceUCI=1


The new changed end of the URL will take you to Classic User Interface and auth you right away as well.

Classic: https://<your-crmurl>/main.aspx?forceClassic=1

https://diogoppedro.crm4.dynamics.com/main.aspx?forceClassic=1 Keeping the Setting on

The Method to ensure you keep the settings is the below:

Settings --> Administration --> General Tab

Done, now you access the Settings and control the Dynamics 365 Admin controls in the same manner.

Note: Admin.PowerApps.com is also a new method to access Environements as Admin and make some pretty cool changes. (Another Blog post on that soon)


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