Microsoft Airlift 2019 Event

What is already here & Coming to Dynamics 365

Microsoft is hosting an online Virtual Launch to showcase all business applications in a array of series in videos.

I got myself updated today on youtube Launch video and also sign up for the upcoming days Reminders so I don't miss any of the action, video and some resources below:

Dynamics 365 lovers, Developers and Customers

Some amazing and interesting insight on this things are going with the power of the appropriately called Power Platform :) (See what I have done there? ). The vast amount of applications available and way we can tailor a solution is really fun and exciting

Below is how you will find on Youtube and watch the Launch Video as well as set the reminders :).

Call Intelligence

This is something very exciting for some and not so much for others, Call Intelligence come in and out of the box covers a lot of third party applications functionality to do with Call Centres which may impact or conflict with their offerings.

As for us as Developers it is much simpler to leverage a solution without much "Integrations" per say and more configuration from within the platform itself.

The feature set is really exciting and has things like text intelligence on native input so the articles and answers to Agents is shown very quickly, Conversation style analysis and resulting in Average Sentiment for individual calls and the Native language used during the call being transcripted.

Managers even have the ability to add comments which is sent to the Agent feed for later discussions. Pretty Smooth and fast.

Example below

Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence

Customer Insights

In nutshell the Customer Insights includes all data from all sources into single Power Platforms which Dynamics 365 resides and compute that data so we can have a flow with Business Insight at its core result:

  1. Collate Data from all sources

  2. Graph or similar tools to get the data better and accurate.

  3. AI and Machine Learning learning constantly

  4. Automations then show to users when appropriate at any chosen process stage

it is very interesting, of course it takes a great deal of maturity in certain clients to invest and leverage this journey from end to end but the steps on their own in smaller scale can benefit the smallest to largest clients fairly quickly and set the ground for better things.

In my experience so far, less is more at many instances with Customers and these things should start slow but nevertheless really exciting stuff.

Tivoli in Denmark was example shown on how they leverage the data from their Theme Park Guests

Enjoy the Tivoli Portion on the video below:

There is a ton of content for 1 hour and 34 minutes video -


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