Want a Free Ebook on Technology everyday?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Learning and looking for information is key these days. I for one have sing up for Billion Newsletter of many tech personalities and new comers #ImpossibleInboxZero LOL.

However, i have discovered this week while swimming into the Youtube River of Programming and technology channels Filipe Deschamps http://bit.ly/DailyFreeEbook or directly via here https://www.packtpub.com/free-learning .

Note that sometimes the topic may not be what you are looking for but as they have new ebook everyday it is amazing resource to get free quality material.

So Great work PacktPub and I am no inclined to buy eve more books from them.

Well apart from the free Ebooks a day page, as some of you may know they offer a ton of resources and I found the books not expensive.

I usually like read along Project books in JavaScript which I am learning now but there are loads more.

Hope this is useful.

Thanks for reading this far.

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